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Sports massage ensures the mobility and flexibility of muscles, tendons and joints are optimised pre and post event. The therapist releases tight trigger points, stretches your body and applies graduated pressure to the areas of your body that you have assessed as needing treatment.


A sports style massage is not limited to sports people but is available for people of all ages and all walks of life, whether you walk, swim run or do some other sports activity,your muscles may get tight and need releasing.


Tune up before your next major sporting event with an energising massage to minimise the risk of a sporting injury and revitalise tired muscles and promote blood flow to tired muscles. This is tailored to your needs and may involve several treatments during your event preparation period.


After your event or your training session recovery massage is used to restore your muscles and release the build up of lactic acid – that “tight” feeling.


Neck and Shoulder Massage

“Tech neck” and shoulder and upper body stiffness and strain. Use of modern informational and technical aids for communication (computers, phones, tablets and TV) are often used in inappropriate settings, often without upper body support and for long periods of time without rest or readjustment to posture. This can create stiff, sore necks, shoulder and upper body problems and in some cases headaches. A selected mixture of release techniques is agreed between patient and therapist to release the areas of tightness you identify to your therapist. Your therapist will also guide you through self help techniques and advice on how to manage many of these issues for yourself.

TMJ (tight jaw-clicking jaw-tinitis) AND HEADACHE


From childhood we go through life and our biting mechanism changes. Often we develop tightness in the jaw which makes it difficult to chew certain foods. Or this can result in pain, headaches and clicking of the jaw. Release techniques for the jaw can help especially in conjunction with your own dentists advice and collaboration. Treatment consists of releasing the tight muscles which have contracted and and not released naturally. The therapist uses finger pressure and  heat packs to effectively release. Home techniques are also demonstrated as part of the treatment process.



We often spend more on tune ups and maintenance of our cars and replace them every few years. The extended lifetimes of most people are generally not assessed in the same way. We've just the one body, it needs maintenance and upkeep similar to our cars, and we cant get a replacement health professionals often advise body maintenance for health and wellbeing. A massage therapist can help you assess and plan a regular maintenance program that can help maintain mobility and minimize the stresses and strains on your body through your lifetime.


This is available for all ages and lifestyle patients.

Treatments can include firmer style treatment or can be combined with therapeutic massage styles.

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